Why I will avoid Lufthansa from now on

Veröffentlicht am Veröffentlicht in Ärger!

Just experienced extremely bad service at the Frankfurt airport Lufthansa check-in. Serbian relatives who visited us and had no problem checking in ONE 30 kilo piece of luggage with Lufthansa at Belgrade airport (as a couple they are allowed to carry 46 kilos of luggage) were refused to do so in Frankfurt. Because: „the rules say no more than 23 kIlos per suitcase. I’m sorry these are the rules. Rules exist to be followed.“ (I especially liked the last sentence: so German! So patronizing!)

Our relatives were forced to buy another suitcase at the airport so they could split their stuff into neat 16 kilogram parts and „comply“ with „the rules“.

They come from a region where the average monthly salary is EUR 300, are not at all well-heeled and are forced by inconsistent Lufthansa staff to buy an expensive last-minute suitcase at the airport – the irony is hat the cheapest suitcase we could find in a hurry was from the Lufthansa World Shop. So Lufthansa even got to profit from our misery.

I will avoid Lufthansa for my business and private flights from now on whenever I can.