„Dads just lack moms‘ competencies“ – are we really still this prejudiced?

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It’s kind of telling that a minor anecdote of female sexism finally pushed me to revive my blog. The reason why I wrote almost nothing during the last 2 years („almost“ because there are actually some unfinished articles in deep slumber on my server) is that I was very much busy being dad of two kids, one of which still hardly sleeps at night.

So it somewhat frustrated me to have this conversation with a mom at the daycare center. We were both picking up our kids. She held a child’s jacket in her hand and said „hm, this probably belongs to X“. I initiated some small talk and said „I always think I should put my son’s name on all his clothes, because they often look similar and it is hard to tell if you’re picking up your own stuff.“ She answered:

Well that’s surely because you’re a dad. I’m the mother so I know which clothing belongs to my child.

I was kind of floored by her reply and her casual sexism. It was all the more ridiculous because I buy 85% of our kids‘ clothes. Also I think it is pretty sensible to think that it is hard to tell apart lots of white H&M bodies lying around in a day care center, but what the heck: I could never know, because I’m just a dad, inferior by nature.