All you ever wanted to know about Good Market Research?

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„What’s the question“ by Durk Bosma and Erik de Kort seems – at first glance – to focus on a problem familiar to people working on Insights projects on the client or the market research side: client & research company start on a somewhat ill-defined project, embark on a journey without actually having put much […]

Why I will avoid Lufthansa from now on

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Just experienced extremely bad service at the Frankfurt airport Lufthansa check-in. Serbian relatives who visited us and had no problem checking in ONE 30 kilo piece of luggage with Lufthansa at Belgrade airport (as a couple they are allowed to carry 46 kilos of luggage) were refused to do so in Frankfurt. Because: „the rules […]

Beyond „sterile“

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Conceptualizing hygiene is still very traditional: we call something „un-hygienic“ if it crawls with microbes, and we call something „hygienic“ if it is as sterile as possible – no microbes, germs, bacteria or viruses should cling to it. While this absolutely makes sense in a medicinal context, especially when operating on patients, it also helps […]

Who needs avian flu when you can have the measles?

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What’s happening in Berlin (or everywhere else around the globe, like in Disneyland)? Why do people want to get the measles in 2015 and not want themselves or their kids to be vaccinated against it? What went wrong with the project of enlightenment and rationality? (Okay, that was just a rhethorical question. I know that […]

Monetize yourself

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Jaron Lanier’s „Who owns the future?“ is certainly an impressive book. Already published in 2013, it is the perfect book for everyone still not sufficiently depressed by Piketty’s „Capital“ from 2014. Why? Lanier’s main thesis is that the age of digital networks and social media threatens the global middle classes and social inequality is about […]