Animal Stories (3rd and last installment): The Sharkozy Interview

  Gérard Tigerdieu: Great to have you here. I know a lot of readers have been looking forward to this interview. Helge wants his blog back, of course, so he will be especially happy. Sharkozy: Great to talk… Read More

Animal Stories (2): Gérard Tigerdieu

Hello guys. We have still occupied Helge’s blog and as far as I can see, this will easily last for another month or so. You can call me ‘G’, but my full name is Gérard Tigerdieu. ‘Wait a… Read More

Animal Stories (1): Panda Bear Kwan

Hi there! I am really proud to kick off this series of hand puppet /animal themed stories. „Isn’t this content a little bit ridiculous in the context of an accomplished market researcher’s blog?“ you ask, and your assessment… Read More